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POV Policies & Procedures

Privately Owned Vehicle Transport Polices and Procedures

EverGreen Logistical Services can arrange transport of your privately owned vehicle with a bonded and insured professional vehicle carrier for delivery throughout the Continental United States. The following Information will be important for you to know when considering transporting a vehicle.

  • Scheduling to Transport Your Vehicle: Making arrangements to move your vehicle to its desired destination can require considerable time as our company will search to find the available space on a carrier headed for your destination. The more notice you can provide us, the easier it will be to schedule your move in the time frame you desire. In the case of an emergency or immediate request for pick up, EverGreen will do its best to assist you but usually there will be an additional fee for this “immediate service.”
  • Shipping Your Vehicle: After discussing your move with a EverGreen representative and signing a contract with an approved credit card deposit, Ever Green will assign a carrier to transport your vehicle. You will receive notification of the specifics regarding your vehicle’s transportation. When your vehicle is retrieved, the driver will perform a detailed vehicle inspection (similar to a rental car inspection). We require the person releasing the vehicle and the carrier to sign this inspection. You will receive an additional notification when your vehicle has been dispatched with an estimated time of delivery. The same inspection will be performed upon delivery by the driver and the person receiving the vehicle to insure the vehicle has arrived DAMAGE FREE.
  •  Type of Carrier Employed to Ship Your Vehicle: The majority of vehicles are transported in multiple car carriers similar to those you see on the highway. These are open, two-level carriers that hold approximately seven to ten vehicles. Ever Green can proved enclosed trailers as well which protect the vehicle from inclement weather and road conditions. We recommend an enclosed carrier for vintage, custom and/or luxury vehicles. Enclosed transport will require a custom quote.
  • Typical Length of Time to Transport Your Vehicle: There are a number of factors that influence the amount of time it requires to move a vehicle from one place to another. These include such factors as distance, destination, scheduled stops the carrier must make as well as uncontrollable factors such as unfavorable weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, and traffic situations. Our goal is to have your vehicle delivered within 14 to 21 days from dispatch. It may be delivered sooner and on rare occasions it may take longer particularly if the delivery location is in a remote area. Delivery times are estimated but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Determining the Cost to Transport Your Vehicle: Ever Green will provide an estimate based upon the origin, destination, and vehicle dimensions for a multiple car transport. If additional levels of service are desired, those will be included in the quote. If your vehicle is not in full operating condition, there will be additional fees as the car will need to be winched on and off the truck. If your vehicle is low to the ground, we must be informed so it can be loaded properly without damaging the under carriage.
  • Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport: Your vehicle should be operable it must start, roll forward and in reverse, steer and break. We can move it if it is inoperable but it will add extra expense. If your vehicle has any modifications such as a camper shell, excess length, width or height or less that 4 inches of ground clearance these modifications need to be accounted for and may add extra expense. The vehicle cannot have any fluid leaks and the battery must be secure in it mounting bracket. The vehicle should have less than a ¼ of a tank of gas and any alarm system must be disabled, disconnected or turned off. All electronic items not built in should be removed including garage door openers, E-Z passes and computer equipment.  All antennae’s must be retracted or removed. Tire covers, grill bras or car covers must be removed and locked in the trunk. No personal items are allowed in the vehicle or trunk. Plants and hazardous materials are prohibited by law. Nonpermanent luggage racks, bike racks and/ski racks must be removed. Your vehicle should be prepared for the new climate which may include engine coolant, transmission oil and other fluids. One set of all vehicle keys must be provided and a working phone number where the owner can be reached throughout the duration of the transport is required.
  • Prohibitive Vehicle Contents: You are not allowed to transport personal possessions in the vehicle. Firearms, flammable materials, explosives, contraband and any other substances that that are prohibited by state or federal government laws or regulations for transport in a motor vehicle. Remove any and all personal items from the vehicle prior to pickup of the vehicle by the carrier.     
  • Vehicle Inspection Requirements: You or a designated agent must be present for the inspection at the time of pick-up or delivery. You or your designated agent will be responsible for confirming your vehicles’ condition by signing the Bill Of Lading (BOL) at both ends of the transport. Upon delivery the inspection must take place before the driver leaves the location. Any damages will be noted by our representative (driver) on the on the Bill Of Lading (BOL) at origin, confirmed by you or your agent’s counter signature at delivery. In the unlikely event that there is additional damage on delivery it will be noted by our representative (driver) on the BOL in order to qualify for damage claims.
  •  Contract for Transportation: Please carefully read the EverGreen Logistical Services’ Contract for a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV), which can be viewed from this site. After reading, and you would like to place an order for EverGreen Logistical Services, LLC to tranport your vehicle, please view, and complete & sign the Customer Contract/Order Form for a Personally Owned Vehicle and fax (231) 256.2218 or email it to us at