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EverGreen Logistical Services, LLC incorporates four distinct divisions - commercial auto transport, specialized freight,  consumer auto freight and enclosed freight, which provides logistics services throughout the Continental United States, employing independent licensed and insured carriers.

  1. The Commercial Auto Transport division arranges transportation moves for companies such as, auto/truck dealerships, manufacturers (OEM), rental car companies and auto auctions.
  2. The Specialized Freight division arranges transportation shipments for unique cargos ranging from boats to windmills.
  3. The Consumer Auto Freight division provides logistic services for individuals who may want vehicle transportation in any direction whether going south for the winter, east or west for a college move or north for a corporate or military relocation
  4.  The Enclosed Freight division will assist individuals and companies by arranging transportation services for freight and vehicles in traditional enclosed semi-tractor trailers.

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